BOTOX $11 per unit
DYSPORT $11 per unit
PRP Hair Restoration $200
IV THERAPY Pricing Varies
Vitamin B12 $40


Chemical peels, also known as chemical resurfacing, are chemical treatments that improve the appearance of the skin. These chemical treatments can be used to treat photoaging, wrinkles, scarring and acne as well as precancerous lesions and discoloration. Light chemical peels are ideal for skin rejuvenation and mild pigmentation problems. However, more severe peels can be used to treat more severe conditions such as melanoma and scarring.

Microneedling treatment involves using a minimally invasive technique that uses a series of tiny, very fine needles that are passed over the skin, creating micro-injuries which trigger new collagen and elastin synthesis as the skin begins to naturally repair itself.The goal is to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improve scars, diminish the look of surgery and acne scars, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and sagging skin, and prevent signs of aging.



We provide collagen growth factors back to your skin. This technique has impressive results that are virtually painless! The vampire facial procedure, aka micro-needling with PRP, is a cosmetic surgery that involves drawing blood from your arm, spinning it with a centrifuge to draw out the growth factors and platelets, then injecting them back into your skin. It’s designed to improve collagen and elasticity in the skin. It’s good for all skin types.

Vitamins that go directly into your bloodstream. IV nutrition is more effective than vitamins taken orally because our bodies don’t always properly absorb vitamin supplements in our gut. IV therapy can be used to boost your immune system, increase energy, support focus and concentration and help combat and aid sickness.



Injectable filler treatments reduce the signs of aging such as loss of volume and shape, smile lines, downturn lips, and much more. They reduce your natural and youthful appearance.

Botox and Dysport are neurotoxins that are used to reduce wrinkles. We consult with our clients to help them achieve their most desired result.



Suffering from fatigue? You might have a B-12 deficiency. Benefits of vitamin B-12 injections include providing immune system boost resulting in increased energy, focus, neurologic damage, mood changes, muscle weakness and hormone imbalance.